After Sachsenhausen

(Created 7/23/2017)

Germany made a 180 turn after the fall of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. Cleary the people would have a tough time trusting the government. To signify the change and clarity of the government, the new German parliament constructed a glass dome on top of their building. In addition, recent events here have shown that Germany is trying to include everyone. However, the WWII history lives on in the holocaust museum and Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Within the holocaust museum, the walls are lined with the stories of Jews who both survived and perished in the camps. I was shocked when I saw the actual numbers before my eyes of everyone who was persecuted, in addition to the six million Jews. The stories of the children who suffered during the time especially brought forth feelings of injustice against the actions of the Third Reich. Then we went to Sachsenhausen, which originally boasted over being the most efficient concentration camp, due to its architectural layout. While I was impressed by the engineering which made it so formidable, I found it difficult to comprehend the full effect of the camp since many of the buildings were no longer standing. However, it was enough to hear the stories of torture and despair which were related by the audio guide. Looking at the actual living conditions and hearing of the unjust pain is quite sobering. Thankfully, we know that God will justly judge the righteous and the unrighteous, no matter how terrible the current circumstances are.

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