Adventure and Opportunity are Just Around the Corner!

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I cannot believe that today was the final day of class on campus before we leave for Berlin tomorrow morning! I think all my peers would agree with me when I say that we are extremely excited to officially begin our adventure tomorrow. I chose to do this summer program because it involves all of my favorite things; traveling, learning, and spending time with people! I haven’t been to Germany yet, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to explore a new country and new culture. In addition to the traveling aspect of the program, I’m also enjoying the Statics and Dynamics course that we will be continuing once in Berlin. I won’t deny the fact that this class involves a decent amount of homework and studying, but it’s much more manageable when we all work through the problem sets together and learn from one another. I’m really living the dream by studying a topic I enjoy while also traveling and exploring a new part of the world with such a wonderful group of people!

My hope for the class is that I get a better idea of what I could be doing in my engineering career. How do Statics and Dynamics apply in the real world? How will I use this knowledge in my professional career? I think this trip will provide a good combination of learning the basics and also how they apply to the engineering profession.

A strength I can bring to the group is my willingness to explore everything I can while I’m in Germany. I’m ready to venture out and see as much of the country as I possibly can while I’m there, and I know I can motivate others to do that with me. My prayer for the summer program is that we all return home with new knowledge and wonderful memories and experiences (and I’m pretty positive we will). I’ve also been praying that we would look for ways to glorify God at all times and remember that in everything we do we should strive to serve Him. Whether we are learning, exploring, eating, or just having fun, I want to make sure that God gets the glory and we acknowledge how blessed we are to have this opportunity to travel together.

Recently I read Psalm 39, which stood out to me and made me think of this trip. The verse talks about how short our lives are in comparison to God who has been, and will be, there forever. We need to seize every opportunity we can to learn and serve the Lord during our quick time on earth. This trip is the perfect time to try new things and have fun, but also remember that our hope isn’t in the world, but in Jesus alone. So as we pursue our engineering careers, we need to keep in mind who we are serving!


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