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At first I thought that my inability to write a blog on time was a problem. As I try to write now however, I find that I am grateful that I didn’t write it on time. Sure it would have been nice for my friends and family to know what I have been up to the previous weekend, but the thoughts I hove would have been rushed, quickly jotted down without a second thought. this way I think back and remember what I liked the most about that trip.

With that being said, there is a large amount from Köln that I will remember for a long time to come. My favorite part of the trip was the Cathedral. It was a couple of weeks ago, but I can still the the enormity that it had. every inch of the outside had some sort of detail or symbol on it. As you got closer you got to the Cathedral you could see all the dedication that people had put into it after hundreds of years of work.

As I walked into the Cathedral I held my breath in anticipation. It was spectacular, and I knew the work that is put into Cathedrals to make them sound incredible. We walked in as tourists as an evening service was taking place. My heart stopped when the organ played. It filled the space, and no matter what direction you turned, the sound was perfect.

It is incredible to think that people made that building all in dedication to God. We don’t do that anymore. How often do we go through our day doing things only for ourselves? How many times do we sleep in a Sunday instead of worshiping the God who gave us everything? If building a Cathedral is what a group of people could do in a lifetime, imagine what we could accomplish if we lived every day to the glory of God.

Köln Cathedral

Let me start by saying that I have attended many types of worship services. I went to a conservative Lutheran Church until I was 7. I have worshiped in several different countries, seen charismatic and high liturgical services but no church service or mass that I have ever attended was as amazing as the mass we attended at the Köln Cathedral. By saying this I do not mean the content of the service was amazing as I only understood parts of it, but the grandeur of the service itself was overwhelming. The service involved almost every sense from smell with the incense to sight with how the Cathedral was beautiful and absolutely colossal. It’s a form of worship all by itself. The service was quite different from my home church. My home church is in the inner city on the west side of Chicago. It’s very diverse and much smaller than the Cathedral, not to mention the difference in language, content, worship music and tone of the service – people shout out in our services and that wouldn’t happen in the reverent Catholic mass.

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Der Kölner Dom

Throughout this trip, we have worshiped in some impressive churches and climbed some very high bell towers. But non of them compared to the Kölner Dom (Cathedral). As we approached the city of Köln by train, it was the one thing that stood out. It towered over the rest of the building and made them look small. The Kölner Dom stands at 157m (515ft), which is absolutely massive

The Kölner Dom
For reference, this is the piece at the tip of each spire.

Worshiping in the Cathedral was quite cool experience. We attended Catholic high mass which included burning incense and singing songs I didn’t know the words to. The accustics were great; the organ sounded so full and chilling.

After the service we were able to climb all 533 steps (I didn’t count, there was a sign) of a spiral staircase to a platform at the base of the spire 100m (330ft) high. The view from the top was amazing, because you could see the whole city. The details at the top of the cathedral were simply mesmerizing. It looked like there was so much thought put in to every statue and design. The cathedral was completed in 1880, when we had at least mostly modern construction methods, but it was hard to imagine how they planned on completing this giant when work began in 1248.

The Kölner Dom has been my favorite cathedral that I have visited.

The Kölner Dom

The Kölner Dom was absolutely magnificent. It was the very first thing you could see as you walked out of the train station in Köln and you couldn’t miss it. It rose far above any other surrounding buildings with its twin spires stretching over 150 meters tall. During our entire stay, it never got old just looking up at it. Going to the top, as you can imagine, was an incredible view itself in addition to the ornate carvings over every piece of stone all the way to the top. Continue reading “The Kölner Dom”

Reflections on Köln

It’s no wonder to me that there are warnings to watch out for pickpockets at the Köln train station. Because the very moment you walk out of the station, the beautifully monstrous cathedral is there staring you down. I lost just about all sense of self and situational awareness upon seeing the cathedral because it was simply that stunning. Not only did we see this amazing stunning structure, but we also attended high mass there that Sunday. Continue reading “Reflections on Köln”

Coming Off a Fantastic Weekend

As you have probably figured out by now, our group visited three cities this past weekend: Heidelberg, Koblenz, and Cologne. It was such a great weekend, filled with laughs, sights, and explorations. One of the highlights of the excursion was worshipping on Sunday morning in the Cologne Cathedral. The congregation was sizeable, and the organ sent chills down my spine.

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Mass, Organs, and Stairs ~ Köln Cathedral

If I had to sum up my worship experience at high mass in the Köln Cathedral, I would choose fascinating. This was the first catholic mass I have attended and it certainly was an interesting first experience. This cathedral is the complete opposite from the church I attend back home, but I enjoyed every minute I spent sitting under the towering ceilings and listing to the organ amplify throughout the massive sanctuary. Continue reading “Mass, Organs, and Stairs ~ Köln Cathedral”